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Monday, 16 January 2012

Review: Modern Warfare 3

The community has given what they believe is "realistic score", even when all they want to do is give the game a 0. What happened? Modern Warfare 2 was praised when it was released, Black Ops too. What happened in the time that made people turn on the franchise? Repeating itself? While I dislike the contstant helicopter crashes, they improve and do a different story. Graphics should have no effect on the review unless they look like a 6 year old made them.
Modern Warfare 3 does nothing different. It uses a forumla that works. If it didn't work, then why do people keep coming back each November to buy the latest installment? The story takes you on a Modern Day World War, and reveals peices of information that will blow you away. Remember when you thought how strange and outrageous nuking a city in Modern Warfare was? Well, those moments are back in this game, new and old.
This game is good. It's great. It has great multiplayer, great new features, and a great new story. People might be getting tired of the war game. But if you don't like playing it, then don't say anything. I guarantee more than half of the reviews on this site and any other review site is someone who played 5 minutes of it, then gave it a low review.
My words to Activision, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch? Keep them coming, try to mix somethings up, and just have fun. Because that's why you play video games.

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